Friday, 17 January 2014

This year, I'll be riding for . . .

. . . the Trek Concept Store Glasgow.  And I'm rather looking forward to racing in this kit, since it is red, white and black and so perfectly matches my bike shoes . . . that's clearly the most important thing about racing!

Nice looking race kit aside, I'm over the moon to be racing for this local Glasgow store this year on my Trek Superfly, and that's really why I've started this blog.

As a wee bit of background, I've been entering a few mountain bike races over the past couple of years and gradually getting better results.  Until now, I've mostly focussed on the longer marathon and endurance events, culminating in a 4th place at Relentless 24 last season (beaten to the podium by none other than Guy Martin, so I'm not too disappointed to miss out on 3rd).  However, last season, I entered a couple of shorter events, including a 3rd place in one, and finally realised that I can do okay on the shorter, faster XC races too.  I therefore decided it's time to take my racing to the next level and enter the Masters category of the British XC Series and Scottish XC Series.

I'm delighted to be racing in that series for the Glasgow Trek Store and will be writing up my race reports here, not just to promote myself or the store, but in the hope that the journey I've been through to get to where I am might provide a bit of inspiration, or a few tips, or just a wee bit of encouragement for anyone else thinking of taking their racing to that next level and entering these events.  But more on that another time.

So, the race reports will begin in March once those two series kick-off, but until then, look out for some general ramblings about my training and other things mountain bike related!

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